SAUCEMONSTER is the brainchild of audio and visual designer Brandon Thompson.  A longtime musician and multi-instrumentalist, he first began experimenting with custom MIDI setups in 2005, searching for new ways to perform ever more complicated solo projects. Realizing soon after that a one-man band becomes a lot more interesting with a little synesthesia thrown in, Brandon began experimenting in the video world, mixing original created content with found imagery to create dynamic, audio-synced visual narratives.  He has created created content for VDMX, Jack Beats, Beats Antique, Kaskade, Coachella.  Most recently he ran visuals for Beats Antique‘s projection-mapped Thousand Faces Tour, and currently performs and creates with ill-esha in their new audio-visual band, Polar Vortex.

SAUCEMONSTER is available for the following services:

  • Custom MIDI audio and visual performance setups
  • Content creation, development and repurposing
  • Projection mapping
  • Live visual mixing
  • Specializing in VDMX, Aftereffects, Illustrator, Ableton, TouchDesigner, Cinema 4D
  • Proficient with various other VJ/video editing software

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